Best Ab Machines

Best Ab Machines

Your core muscles are at the epicenter of your body. Developing this strong core and flat abdominal is achieved through tough workouts. For that, having the right machine is absolutely imperative. When it comes to ab machines, the selection seems to be a major issue for most people though. Fret not; that’s what we’re here for!

So what is the best ab machine that we can use to help us achieve our goal?  That’s the million dollar question! Well, not a million dollar…but a few hundred perhaps. Exercise machines are undoubtedly expensive. But if you have no time to hit the gym and don’t mind spending some dough, you can maintain your own mini gym at home. After all, purchasing an exercise machine is an investment in your fitness.

So let the quest for the best ab machines begin…

1. Ab Coaster

Ab CoasterIf you’re looking to get into shape with visibly ripped abs that are rock hard- not the barely there ones-then you’re going to need more than just your average crunches every day. So here’s an interesting thing about the Ab Coaster; where most equipments and crunches work your abdominals from top to down, the Ab Coaster works it from bottom up. As a result, it applies less stress on your neck and back.

Ab Coaster Features

  1. A heavy duty steel frame that supports up to 300 lbs of weight
  2. A digital work workout counter that tracks your workout program.
  3. A vinyl covered molded foam pads that provides you with comfort throughout your workout
  4. Front roller wheel for ease of moving
  5. Adjustable seating that is designed to target our core areas during workout
  6. Weight plate post to handle up to 20 lbs of resistance for advance fitness
  7. Comes with a workout DVD and guide to the Ab Coaster System which includes:
    • Exercise Plan
    • Fast Track Meal Plan
    • 14-Day Express Program

The Exercise technique:

The best part about this machine is that you can perform various exercises by adjusting the seat and the weights. We want to focus on your obliques. Follow this regimen for a toned ab:

  1. First, adjust the pin under the seat so that it is “unlocked”. This will allow the seat to move.
  2. Next, adjust your seat to either the left or right. So you’re really focusing on the sides.
  3. BEFORE you kneel on the seat, place your forearms on the handle pad. Brace yourself on the pad, before kneeling on the seat.
  4. Kneel in such a way so that your feet are off the seat, and on its edge. Do not lean forward.
  5. While contracting your midsection, lift your knee upwards on the track. All the while, use your abdominal to do the lifting, not your upper body. In “Free-Style Motion” position, you have the liberty to create your own workout and use various forward and side lifts. The idea is to twist your core with this range of motions.
  6. Keep at a steady pace.
  7. Slowly, lift and lower and continue to repeat this.
  8. To level up the difficulty, increase the weights below the seat.

Ab Coaster: how it works?

So basically, the Ab Coaster is designed to exercise your midsection and obliques using a series of leg motions to lift the weight. The beauty of this machine is its natural arc motion that’s incredibly smooth and dynamic. Throughout the time that you’re using the Ab Coaster, you are contracting and utilizing your abdominal muscles-not your upper body- to do the lifting. As a result, you’re burning that extra fat and toning your muscles.

2. Ab Glider Platinum

Ab Glider Platinum Ab machines have grown to become über popular over time. The need to maintain that washboard flat ab is what prompted your search for the best ab machine there is out there. And of course this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Ab Glider. Developed by Proform, one of the big players in the Fitness sector who brought to you the Proform Ab Glider Sport before, the Ab Glider Platinum is the daddy of them all!

Pegged at a price of $140-$150, is it worth your money? Let’s find out!

Ab Glider Platinum Features

  1. A sleek design
  2. Soft grip handles-designed ergonomically
  3. 3 Incline positions to target abs and obliques
  4. Cushioned seating
  5. Accommodates up to 250 lbs weight
  6. Dual Motion Training-the Circular Burn and the Arc Crunch- for double the calorie burn and 44% more muscle activation.
  7. Off the Floor Ab Workout
  8. 180 degree rotation track that provides exceptionally smooth lateral motion and locks in place for vertical motion.
  9. A strong and sturdy steel frame and track built to last a lifetime.

The Exercise technique

As we mentioned before, the Ab Glider performs a dual motion workout; not only does it provide you with the “ab crunch” (the upward and downward motion), but also a “circular burn” (the 180 degree swivel). The combination of these two movements work a miracle on your body-working the ENTIRE core!

Let’s take a closer look at it in a step by step manner:

  1. Because the pivot frame swivels, maintain balance while mounting and dismounting the machine.
  2. Standing behind the machine, place a strong grip on the handle bar.
  3. Next, in order to mount, place your knees on the knee pad, one at a time.
  4. Here there are several ways you can exercise using the lock and unlock key of the pivot frame and the knee pad:
    • When the pivot frame and key pad are unlocked: you can exercise in the two way method mentioned earlier by moving upward and downwards and swiveling 180 degrees side by side.
    • Locked pivot frame and key pad unlocked: Use your core to move upward and downward only.
    • Unlocked pivot frame and key pad locked: To exercise, use your core muscles to swivel from side to side.

If you’re attempting to burn fat, start at a low intensity; that will really work your obliques and get rid of those side handles. To gain maximum output out of these exercises, complete three workouts each week.

Ab Glider: how it works?

The machine really is designed to perform two different types of exercise simultaneously. It manages to perfectly exercise your lower, upper abdominal and obliques. And if that isn’t enough, with consistent workouts, you are also giving your body a cardio routine that promises to burn off all that extra calories you’ve been consuming.

3. Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS For every one of your gym requirements, the fitness experts have developed a range of equipment; to get rid of those love handles, strengthen your core, sculpt your upper, lower abdominal, and tone your obliques. But what if there was this one miracle piece equipment aimed to provide you ALL of that?

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the Total Gym! So does it really do all that, you ask? Let’s take a closer look at its features, workout technique, and whether it really is worth a whopping $703!

Total Gym XLS Features

  • Weighs about 93 pounds
  • Can handle weight of approximately 400 lbs.
  • Can perform over 80 exercises
  • Sealed precision ball bearing with upgraded pulley system
  • Soft synthetic rubber handles
  • Padded glide board with a support for the head
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Workout DVD’s

The Exercise technique

First off, let’s understand how the Total Gym XLS works. It primarily aims to work your body at an inclined surface, against gravity. Like mentioned above, it’s the all-in-one mini gym equipment that offers you a range of exercise options to whip you into shape- 80 to be exact.

We won’t highlight a specific exercise routine for those equipment, because let’s face it, this is your monster workout machine; mentioning just one technique would do it injustice. But here is how you get started:

  1. Adjust the glide board; the glide board is the heart of the Total Gym XLS. You can adjust its inclination depending on the level of difficulty. The more the angle of inclination, the more advanced is the level of the workout.
  2. Next, you can use your body weight to perform several exercises.
  3. The Total Gym XLS comes with various accessories like a squat stand, wing attachments, leg pull accessory and press up bars. Use these props to perform ab crunches and sit ups that will really tone those muscles.

Total Gym XLS: how it works?

The Total Gym XLS is not just an ab workout machine. It’s an all-encompassing machine built to recruit multiple muscles to work together, while also providing cardio endurance. If you include this equipment in your training, the result will be a full-body conditioning and results beyond par.

No assembly required, just unfold this machine and your Total Gym XLS is open and ready to get started on!

Picking the best ab machine for your Abdominal Workout

There you have it: the top three ab machines have been revealed to you.

These machines do not come cheap. But impeccable, granite hard abdominal doesn’t come easy either. If you don’t mind spending a few hundreds to get into shape, you have been presented with the best options. Weigh your needs with the benefits and prices, and make a wise choice.

Combining the perfect machine with a consistent fitness plan will help you work not only harder, but also smarter, to get to your goal: a strong core with great abs!