Ab Carver Pro Review

The Ab Carver Pro is from the same company that brought to you Perfect Pushup and Perfect Pull Up; definitely not newbies in the Health & Fitness market. With multiple cheaper ab wheels and rollers out there, was there really a need for this new model though? How is it different from the rest? What does it have to offer? And more importantly, is it worth the $39.99 price?

Let’s find out!

So what do they promise to offer us? According to the manufacturers of the Perfect Ab Carver Pro, this product is designed to carve your core by giving you ripped abs and sculpted arms.


At first glance, the Ab Carver Pro looks a lot like your average ab wheel, a more expensive version of course. In truth, however, it has quite a few distinctions. Even though it works on the same principle of the ab wheel of applying resistance, the manufacturers have made some significant modifications. The ab wheels we use in our workouts are great, but they also place pressure on one’s lower back.

The Ab Carver Pro is designed ergonomically to facilitate ease of movement. So you end up putting less pressure on your hands and upper back. Second, a carbon steel coil system is installed that makes the rolling in and rolling out relatively easier.

Let’s take a closer look at the features this modified equipment has to offer.

Watch the Ab Carver Pro in action…

Features & Benefits

Ab Carver Pro Motions

The kinetic engine soil system

This refers to the Ab Carver Pro’s ability to accelerate your exercise route. This is made possible by a spring-like mechanism known as the carbon steel coil- installed in this equipment. So, when you’re rolling out, this coil will create a resistance. That’s where you’re really working those ab muscles. When you roll back, it provides assistance. The rationale of this is to make your work more comfortable. It serves as an ideal feature for all you beginners out there.

Wide wheels

Ab Carver ProUnlike other ab wheels, the Ab Carver Pro has a wide wheel. This is one of the significant features of this equipment because of its ability to facilitate angle workouts. As part of the workout plan for your abs, you have to move forward, and then left and right to aim for the sides of your abdominal core (the obliques). Because of this broad wheel, it is relatively easier to maneuver it towards different angles, giving you more control. In addition, it also works fine on different surfaces like carpets or floors.


Curved gripsabcarverpro-handle

Here is a unique design that you don’t see in other ab wheels. These grips are covered with rubber, giving you a more firm grip on the handle, and are custom designed for both your left and right-hand placement. In addition, these grips also put relatively less pressure on your upper back and shoulders compared to the traditional ab wheels.


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How is it different from your average Ab Wheels?

Ok, so we’ve gone over what this new version of an ab wheel has to offer. But how much different is it from your good ol’ conventional one?

Ab Carver Pro Workout Plan

  1. The new, angled handle of Ab Carver Pro is definitely easier to hold onto than the simple ones on the ab wheels. It makes control easier. So you don’t feel you’re going to lose balance and fall.
  2. The cost of the Ab Carver Pro is relatively higher than that of an ab wheel or roller. Where you’d be able to purchase an ab wheel for an average of $20, the price of the Ab Carver Pro is $39.99. If you want a simple ab wheel, there is a vast assortment, as low as $10 in the market. But how much you decide to spend will be determined on how long do you want to use it or what specification do you require. For people who take their workouts seriously, price of these equipments is an insignificant matter.
  3. The Ab Carver Pro will work smoothly on any kind of surface like floor or a carpet. With an Ab roller or ab wheel, you would have to deal with more friction on a rough surface.
  4. The average ab wheel would provide resistance both ways; when you’re rolling out and rolling in. That way you’re burning more fat. The Ab Carver, however, because of its advanced coil system, provides resistance on rolling out, but assistance when you’re rolling in. So, you end up exercising your muscles less.
  5. The forward push to either side (left and right) is definitely easier on an Ab Carver Pro.  On an ab wheel, this requires more force. Again, this could be both an advantage and a disadvantage.
  6. For a lot of people who used the ab wheel, the pressure or stress on their back was a major concern. Because of the narrow wheel and simple handle, the back and shoulders were subjected to immense pressure. With an Ab Carver Pro, the wide wheel and customized handles take off the pressure, hence resolving this concern. So yes, your abdominal is under pressure, but not in a harmful way.
  7. The Ab Craver Pro, like mentioned before, takes off the stress from your muscles. As a result, you may have to work out more frequently than you’d have to on an ab roller or wheel.
  8. The knee pads in the Ab Carver are a generally good addition to the package. They provide a comfort to your workout plan. However, this is not as significant, as they could easily be substituted for a small blanket or yoga mat.


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How you should start your workout with Ab Carver Pro…


The Ab Carver Pro, like the conventional ab wheel is simple enough to use. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re just starting out.

Start out nice and easy

For people who are still new to this workout type, it is important to go slow. Chart out a weekly workout session. The levels for beginner, intermediary and advanced users will determine how much you should roll out. The Ab Carver Pro provides some workout techniques on their website. For beginners, roll out again a wall so that your thigh area is approximately 65-70 degrees against the floor. At intermediary level, about 45 degrees and at advanced level against the floor.

Keeping your back firm

It is imperative to understand how to angle your body during this workout. With your back curved and core tight, roll forward. Make sure you maintain this stance throughout the workout, so as to avoid unnecessary stress that may cause an injury to your back.

Don’t push yourself

Do all equipment work the same way for everyone? Not quite. Even if you’re a pro, getting accustomed to a different set of equipment may take your body some time to adjust. So understand how far your body can go, and perhaps slowly you can increase your workout plan.

Consult a physician/trainer

Needless to say, if you’ve been experiencing some backaches, refrain from using this equipment. The Ab Carver Pro is designed so that it is easy on your back; even so, if you face backaches, visit a physician before continuing any exercise.


The Ab Carver Pro is a product of Perfect Fitness. The manufacturers are reputable, who have produced other workout equipments with solid yielding results. Made of sturdy stuff, Ab Carver Pro may be your reliable and durable workout buddy for a good number of years.

What comes with the Ab Carver Pro?

If you purchase Ab Craver Pro, this is what’s in the box:

  1. Ab Carver wheel
  2. Two comfort handles (marked for right and left)
  3. Knee pads
  4. An Assembly guide

In order to assemble it, you simply insert the rubber handle grips in the designated place. That’s it. You are good to go!

In addition to the knee pad that comes with the $39.99 deal, support equipment is available which you can purchase separately, like a support waist belt or a workout book.

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  • Portable
  • Light-weight
  • Sturdy/durable
  • Easy to use
  • Ease of storage
  • Less stress on back

Overall: is it worth it?

The Ab Carver Pro is sturdy, comfortable and innovative. Compared to your conventional ab roller and ab wheel, it does provide the user with an alternate safe and comfortable workout option. The innovative broad wheel and customized handle is a great modification that its manufacturers have incorporated. Along with that, you receive a training guide with a few helpful tricks.

What most people are unaware of is that Ab Carver Pro was created by a Navy SEAL to providing core training to soldiers. So there’s your credible endorsement.

But if the price of $39.99 is something you are not ready to incur, an alternative is visiting your local gym to test the equipment before you purchase it. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a relatively easy workout, despite the high price, then Ab Carver Pro is the way to go!

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